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Claudia aramayo del solar from Bolivia .
30 Sep 2013  
to me
Hello Mr Duy,

We are now back at home from our trip to Vietnam, Burma and Thailand, I wanted to thank you for the great tour you prepared for us while we visited your amazing country. I could not write before as I was with no access to email. Your explanations and experiences shared were incredibly interesting and helped understand what the history of your country has lived in the last decades. The programme followed made us also love your country even more as we got to know the people better by experiencing life in the countryside with farmers and massage!!!

Thank you again for making our trip so special

Claudia and Elvira

  Below is a review about our last trip from June 10 to 19/2013 ( 10 days ) around " FORMER I CORPS " of 3 American Veterans' couples .

 Robert C Koury Jr
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 3:32 AM
To: thanhduy
Subject:  " A review about our last trip "


Mr Duy-


Please put the following on your web site testimonials.


"We give Mr Duy the highest possible recommendation for his excellent and highly professional guide services in the DMZ area of Vietnam.  He is completely reliable, attentive to the smallest detail, and a joy to travel with.  He speaks English and French (a former teacher of both) as well as Vietnamese.  His family has lived in the area for over 100 years, and he knows it thoroughly.  He arranged transport, meals and hotels flawlessly- (especially in the Khe Sanh area).  I can personally attest to his being able to find even the most overgrown former US military bases and battles, for those military types who want to re-visit.  His expertise stretches from Hanoi to Hoi An and beyond.


Please contact me at rckoury@earthlink.net if you have further questions.


Bob Koury


RVN 67-68"




From: Mr Chuck Atkins - The USA
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:22 PM
To: Duy
Subject: Re: Order # f25221


 thank you for conducting such an excellent tour. Larry and I enjoyed the trip and appreciate all of the time and effort you put into the planning and conducting of the tours. You have an impressive knowledge of Vietnamese history and culture.

We are now safely in the USA and will fondly remember our days with you and your talented driver for many years to come.

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From: Larry Chambers
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:15 AM
To: Nguyen Duy (duytourist@dng.vnn.vn)
Subject: Hello


Mr Duy Good morning -  I’m one of the guys from Californias that you took to Hamburger Hill and to visit that radio broadcasting station.   I’m the one that was in the 101st Airborne and got hit by lightening in the valley.


I wanted to thank you for helping to make my trip even more enjoyable. I felt accepted everywhere I went in Vietnam and the people were accepting and gracious.   But frankly it was your private guided tour that made my trip to Vietnam worth the effort.  I’m in the process of writing about my experience on your tour and plan on offering it to some of the military magazines that I know would have interest.  I will be sure to mention a link to your website, and phone number.  


I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me answering some questions from time to time.

I have one about the morning broadcasted political speeches I head on loud speakers up in Hanoi. 

Do you know what they are saying?  I noticed the people used that time to open their businesses which is ironic.  


What was our drivers name and the name of the young Montagnard guide we hired in Aluoi?  He’s Montagnard right.

The town Aluoi is all Montagnards right?

I also found some interesting information about the NVA radio stations like the one we visited which I can send you. 



Larry Chambers

PS I would like to stay in touch. I plan on returning sometime in 2013.



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